How to Choose The Best Hand Dryers for You?

Letha Kutch
Letha Kutch Last Updated: Aug 29, 2022


Here at Medicines, we are going to try and help you out;) listing and outlining what, to us, are 8 of the main factors in choosing the best hand dryer. When choosing a hand dryer, make sure you select one that offers product life and warranties that fit your needs and budget. Make sure you weigh other factors against your initial purchase costs, like running costs and life-span costs, to ensure that you are getting the dryer that makes the most financial sense long-term. If you anticipate your hand dryer will likely see a bit of heavy use, choosing a model designed to handle heavier usage is the best option.


It follows, then, that high-speed, automatic hand dryers are among the best options out there if you are looking for a hand dryer that does not consume as much power. Many users feel traditional hand dryers are too slow in comparison with using paper towels, creating space for the higher-speed hand dryers on the market. These hand dryers are capable of drying users hands within 10-15 seconds, making them a far faster and more convenient option for customers.


High-speed hand dryers also use less power, so they may actually save money over time in terms of power costs. Better for users, faster, and hygienic, a hand dryer is more energy-efficient because it uses less power and is turned on for shorter periods. Hands can dry within an average of 9-11 seconds with a high-speed dryer, but a regular dryer takes over 20 seconds.


While some might prefer paper towels, rollers made from paper or fabric, or disposable towels, many visitors to the restroom appreciate the speed and sanitation offered by hand dryers. Whether you use paper towels or electric hand dryers to dry your hands after using a washroom is purely down to personal preference, and it will not significantly affect your sanitation, provided that you wash your hands correctly first. Simply, using good hand-washing techniques and soap is the best way to stop the spread of germs after using a washroom, and while proper hand-drying practices may help stop germs even more, they are no use in themselves.


Using a HEPA-filtered hand dryer helps to make the washroom clean and hygienic, and it may especially benefit visitors who have asthma and other respiratory conditions. Choose a hand dryer that uses a HEPA filter to make sure that you are providing sanitary areas. Sensor-operated hand dryers use infrared technology to provide an entirely hands-free drying experience, making them more sanitary, but you can expect to pay a bit more than a button-operated unit.


In our opinion, the added noise does not matter nearly enough to offset the benefits of higher speeds, but if your hand dryer is located in an extremely noisy space, such as an office or classroom, you may consider a lower-noise hand dryer, like the Model A or the Nova 5. As a general rule, we generally recommend a hand dryer for every two sinks; however, if you have a washroom with a lot of use, you might consider installing an extra one or two units to avoid accumulating queues.

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