How to Choose The Best Bathroom Trays for You?

Letha Kutch
Letha Kutch Last Updated: Aug 25, 2022


One of the best things about bathmats is how varied they can be made from. For instance, a bathroom tray can be made from basically any material that would fit in nicely with the design of your general bathroom. Just like where you might put your bathroom tray organizer, there are several different possibilities. Bathroom tray sections and storage capacities differ greatly, so you will want to consider what you specifically need to keep on the one you pick.


If all you need is space for your beverages and books, then a smaller bath tray is ideal. This bathtub tray will fit in most tubs with ease, and has plenty of room for holding bath time essentials. A portable bathtub tray can save you tons of space and fits nicely around the edges of a standard bathtub. If you choose one of these that has a removable book or magazine stand, a removable book or magazine stand, you will be able to get maximum versatility using a bath tray either with or without that feature.


The Mind Reader Bath Cradle can double as a bamboo shower caddy or organizer for storing all of your necessities, including shampoo, body wash, hairbrush, flatiron, body lotion, and body oil. This caddy is affordable and functional, providing a flat trays to hold your most-used bath necessities. If you are not sure whether a bath tray is for you, you can give one a risk-free trial run by choosing the Bamboo Bath Tray from Mind Reader (View on Amazon), which is affordable, compact, and able to store necessities such as glasses, body wash, books, and more. The luxurious bathtub caddy tray is made from high-quality organic bamboo wood, making it water-resistant and other liquids-resistant.


Suitable for couples, Helices tub caddy tray is totally secure, allowing you to place your gadgets comfortably in a solid bamboo-framed stand while enjoying a nice soak. Trust us, the bathtub caddy is all set to transform your bathing space into an oasis (yes, you will also want the stylish bathmat). If, like us, you are an avid reader, or indulge in an occasional glass of wine in your designated downtime, bath trays can help you have it all at hand. Trays are also super handy for hauling items, in case you need to move something in and out of the bath, keeping things organized at the same time.


Bath Trays are an accessory that you did not realize your nighttime relaxation needs would require, yet, now that we brought this one to your attention, it is one you just need to own too. Adjustable metal or plastic trays or even pivoting ones are handy, too, particularly for smaller bathtubs or those sitting up against a wall (they make easy storage, too). For instance, my own bathtub, shown below, has a catch handle that is molded into the interior wall, meaning that I can place bath trays on just one side of this catch.

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